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MP3Skull is your free search engine for mp3 downloads We connect several mp3 sources to offer you a fast and effective search of mp3 files and a comfortable result list. If you are interested to offer your own mp3 download website in our search algorithm - write us an email Contact with the url to your website and maybe an api or rss url.

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Convert your favorite youtube video to mp3 with our youtube to mp3 converter. Just enter the youtube video url into the text input field above and click on the appearing video to mp3 button. The conversion will start immediately, after a few seconds your mp3 download is ready and you can download your youtube video as mp3. Your mp3 download will not be stored on our server.

Latest news

We have removed vk.com and dropload as channel sources. VK.com disabled their public API and Dropload is still offline.

Copyright holders asked Google to remove more than 1,000,000,000 allegedly infringing links from its search engine

The U.S. Government's Copyright Office has launched a new consultation seeking guidance on the future of the DMCA's

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